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Gmail allows you to give other people access to your email account

26 mayo, 2021

Normally, when you want to manage an email address between several people, you have to configure multiple filters and redirects. It is not something that is too difficult but ends up being a nuisance when we have too many people.

Luckily, Gmail has just included a feature that allows us give other people access to an email account. To activate it, we only have to go to the “Accounts and import” tab within the Gmail configuration, and there add the email accounts to which we want to give access.


Once activated, in the accounts to which we have given access, a button to change email appears in the upper right corner, in our username. If we press we will have total Access to that email account.

For individuals, unless you have multiple email accounts and are used to easily switch between them, it may not be very useful. To whom this feature is really useful is to groups of people and teams: It is easy to configure, secure (you do not give the password to anyone) and, above all, it works.

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