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Gmail already allows you to send free SMS (only to the US)

23 mayo, 2021

Another interesting feature to add to Gmail is the new free SMS sending support within the United States. They already tried to enable it a few days ago, but they delayed their departure due to some problems that they are supposed to have solved. This SMS support has been integrated into Google Talk and is quite transparent and intuitive; with support for sending and receiving; In short, it is very similar to how the iPhone organizes SMS in conversations. For both sending and receiving, a unique number has been enabled for each Gmail account.

Of course, we hope that they will add more countries to the support list (especially ours), which would not be strange considering that other Google services such as Google Calendar have long sent SMS notifications at no cost to almost everyone. world. And since we are asking, before they could fix all the technical difficulties that we are suffering users this week. Because if a few months ago it was strange that something in Gmail did not work, now it is becoming customary.


If you are lucky and you live in the US or you usually send messages there, you can activate it in the Gmail Labs tab.

Via | Lifehacker> Official Google Blog
Link | Gmail Labs