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26 mayo, 2021

Months ago, we have informed you of the functionalities that it offers us free webmail service Well, although we can use its interface in Spanish, since the beginning of this month of June, we have available its version for Spain through is, or what is the same, we can create our email addresses under this domain.

GMX is a modern and complete email service, which in addition to its 5 GB of space, offers us a reliable and robust system, which has recently been made compatible with other browsers such as Opera and Chrome 2.x.

What it does not indicate in the press release, but users of GMX we know, is that with our email address we can also use your messaging system, based on XMPP / Jabber, and therefore also compatible with other Jabber servers such as Google Talk. We can configure any messaging client compatible with Jabber, or if we dare with the German language, use its application, downloadable from

One more option to consider when choosing an email provider, although I recognize that GMail is well advanced. It never hurts to learn about other options, at least as secondary options.

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