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Gnoos, another blog content search engine

26 mayo, 2021

The week is ending with the birth of two search engines for blog content, one of them was Bloglines blog search, but even more recently we have Gnoos, a new blog content search engine that even has indexed content from sites in Spanish.

Of Australian origin and mainly focused on Australian blogs, it also indexes content from other international blogs of some importance within the blogosphere.

Its operation facilitates the participation of users since for each result we have a tool to vote and indicate the position within the results, either to a higher or lower position, comment on them, add tags, which will be useful later, and By means of the “more” link we can preview the entire content of the post, including graphics, although I don’t know to what extent it will violate the licenses of the respective blogs.

It is one more tool that we should not lose sight of, although I still do not know the difference between the results of “All” and “word”, since they give practically the same results.

Via | TechCrunch Link | Gnoos