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Goear will stop admitting new users and will require invitations from May 15

27 mayo, 2021

Goear has announced that, in a strange move, will stop admitting the registration of new users as of May 15. The service, which can be defined as the YouTube of online music where we can stream the songs we want, was quite useful for all free Spotify users who came face to face with the limitations that this service imposed a little more than a year ago. anus.

There is no official reason, although perhaps those responsible have decided to limit access to the portal after exceeding two million registered users with its consequent consumption of bandwidth. Goear I already had user accounts, but they are only offered if a navigator wanted to enjoy advanced options such as managing your own playlists or uploading your own songs.

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As of May 15, if we want to enjoy any of these extra benefits, we will have to look for invitations to be able to register. So if you plan to start a user account in Goear to squeeze out the service as much as you can, you’d better hurry up. Nine days left.

Via | Engadget ON
More information | Goear’s official Facebook page