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26 mayo, 2021

A few months ago Google surprised us by joining the trend of the moment and launching its own URL shortener, called Back then, the service was limited to Google Toolbar, Feedburner, and the Android operating system, functioning more like a complement to improve the functionalities of your services, without relying on third-party shorteners. However, now Google have decided open your URL shortener to all users, allowing us to use in the same way as,, or any other shortener.

Like, Google’s URL shortener has placed a strong emphasis on the statistics of traffic. We are informed of the number of clicks made in the last 2 hours, on the last day, the last week, etc. In addition, we can know what country they are from, and what browser and platform those who have clicked use. A graph with the number of clicks per hour is also displayed, indicating which are the most important traffic sources.


And if that was not enough, we have a QR code that redirects to our URL, and if we have logged into Google, we have a file / history from which to access the short URLs that we have generated before.

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