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Google Calendar: how to create reminders

22 mayo, 2021

Google Calendar is one of the most useful tools to manage our events, both personal and professional. Reminders are one of its main features, having several ways to configure them and being easy to add to our calendar.

So let’s teach you how you can create a Google Calendar reminder, as well as the options we have with it once we have created it, so that you can make the most of this useful function.

Creating the reminder from the web

Google calendar

Creating a reminder is Google Calendar through the web is as simple as going to the Calendar web and click on the create button. Once pressed, it will show us the option to add an event and, right next to it, to create a reminder.

For the reminder to be saved, it is necessary to add a description, a date, and configure when the reminder repeats. Once we have added it, this reminder will be displayed at its corresponding time within Calendar.

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Creating the reminder from the phone

Reminders On Android

Both iOS and Android have the Google Calendar application. In fact, Apple Calendar has Calendar integration, so the events of both apps are compatible with each other. If we want to create a reminder, we just have to follow the same steps as on the web.

Creating a reminder in Google Calendar is as simple as hitting the button to create and configure the reminder to your liking. Once saved, it will appear in our calendar

We open the application and we go to the create button. In this case, the options will be to create a goal, a reminder or an event, so we click on the second option.

Once pressed, we will see the reminder creation interface, where we must configure the name of the event, date and time, and repetition, just like on the web.

What can we do with the reminders


Reminders will be marked on the calendar, and will be crossed out once they are complete. At all times, we can perform actions with them, being one of the most important to edit them, in case we want to make any kind of modification.

To edit a reminder, both on the web and on mobile, we only have to click on the reminder to start editing it. The options are exactly the same as when creating it.

Once the reminders are created, we can edit, delete or mark them as finished

Similarly, we can mark the reminder as completed at any time (before its end date), as well as remove the reminder. On PC, when clicking on the reminder we will see the trash can icon, and on mobile, in the reminder options, we will be shown the option to delete it.

These reminders that we have created send notifications to the phone so that we remember them, but you should know that this function is only activated if the reminder is scheduled at a specific time, and not if the event lasts all day.