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Google Calendar tricks to get the most out of it from your mobile

26 mayo, 2021

Over the years Google Calendar has become an essential application, either because you want to have your entire agenda at hand or to check when you have that long-awaited event. There are many calendar applications on Android, but thanks to its constant evolution, Google’s calendar has managed to remain the most recommended option.

Most users are familiar with using this service through the computer, but it is not so common to get the most out of it from the mobile. Therefore we are going to review 23 essential Google Calendar tricks for Android.

Set goals and connect with Google Fit

Goals Google Calendar

One of the latest innovations in Google Calendar is to be able to create goals and have better control over fitness routines. From the floating button to create a new event, the option of choose a goal and schedule sports sessions at the time that suits us best and with the frequency that best suits our needs.

These events will be synchronized with Google Fit so that the calendar detects if the exercise has been completed during the week and marks the goal as completed.

Create reminders in your free slots

Google Calendar Reminders

Google Calendar is a lot smarter than we think. In fact, it is able to find free gaps in our agenda to add reminders and tasks that we have pending.

To add a reminder we must go to the floating button to create events and from there it will suggest various options; from reserving a table at a restaurant to making an appointment with the doctor.

Drag events to change the day

If we are used to using Google Calendar to record all kinds of events and then change the date, the most effective trick is to press and hold to be able to drag it to another time and even to another day. A function that since it was added is one of the ones that I use the most.

Organize your calendar in colors

Google Calendar Colors

When the number of events begins to be high, one of the most effective and simple tricks is to classify the tasks with different colors. The application itself allows us choose from eleven different shades. We will have to go to the settings of the event itself and there change the default color for the one we want.

Duplicate an event quickly


If we want to copy an event or transfer it to another calendar, the easiest option is the new duplicate tool. To do this we must go to the settings of the event itself, click on the upper right corner and click on duplicate. Another option is to “copy to ..” where later we can choose another calendar that interests us.

Magic words

Magic Words Google Calendar

Another visual element that Google Calendar for Android adds are the so-called magic words. These are specific concepts such as “cinema”, “barbecue”, “party”, “beer”, “swimming pool” … etc. The application detect the events that these words contain and add a background image to differentiate them.

Invite your contacts

Invitation Calendar

In addition to the shared calendars that can be created from the web browser, the Android application allows you to add contacts and invite them to your event. The various members of the event may each have it on the calendar and an option will also be generated to start a video call conversation.

Modify quick responses

Quick Response Google Calendar

When we have an event shared with other contacts we can send them a series of predetermined quick responses. However if we go to Settings> General> Quick responses we can modify them to our liking. It does not reach the power of a chat but it can be useful if we use Google Calendar to organize among the attendees of an event.

Smart suggestions

Smart Suggestions Google Calendar

For some time now, Google Calendar has recognized the words we use to create an event and tries to anticipate what we are going to write.

If, for example, we put “Call” it will suggest various contacts or people without having to finish completing the event title. Tapping on “in ..” will recommend places while if we click on “with …” it will suggest contacts. Automatic suggestions are available in more than 40 languages.

Personalized notifications

Email Notification

Normally we will have a standard notification established but from the event settings we can customize these notifications. For this you will have to go to Add another notification> Customize and there modify the margin time for notification.

Another interesting option is the power receive a notification email when the date of an event is approaching. It can be very useful when the task is important or if we are used to checking the mail more than being aware of the sound of the mobile.

Add the location to your events

Geolocation Google Calendar

Many of the events that we create are usually associated with places. We have a date at a restaurant or a concert in a specific stadium. With Google Calendar we can associate a geolocation to events to have the details of the site, a background image and access to Google Maps.

Birthdays and holidays

Birthday Holidays

From Settings> Holidays we can access more than 140 holiday calendars around the world. A great database that will help us know when we can take an extra day off.

Equivalently, Google Calendar also warns us of the birthday of all our contacts. It is an additional calendar that we can activate and with which we will no longer have excuses not to congratulate you.

Time zone change

Change Schedule Calendar

If we are used to traveling and being in several time zones, this little function will come in handy. To activate it you have to go to Settings> General> Disable Use device time zone and choose the country where we are going to travel. Once activated, a message will appear to reschedule all our events and automatically adapt them to the equivalent hours.

Alternative calendars

Chinese Google Calendar

In the western world we use the same calendar but we must know that Google Calendar allows us to choose between different cultures; from the traditional Chinese calendar to the Muslim Saudi. If we activate them in Settings> General> Alternative calendar We will have a mixed between the usual and the new months and days that correspond.

Change the default duration of events

Duration Events Calendar

The default duration of the events that we create from the mobile is 60 minutes but we can change that to our liking. If we are used to creating short tasks we can select 15 minutes or if our meetings last two hours we can also adapt it. Since Settings> General> Default duration of events we will configure it.

Gmail Events

Events Gmail Google Calendar

Most Google services are in sync with each other. This allows the calendar to be automatically identify those events that come to us from Gmail such as confirmed airline or restaurant reservations. To enable it and have it appear automatically we must go to Settings> Gmail Events.

Delete events quickly

Delete Calendar Events

For very active users of Google Calendar we recommend this little trick that will save us a lot of time. You don’t need to access an event to delete it, just swiping right from agenda mode we can delete it.

Take advantage of the search engine to find that task

Search Google Calendar

I am one of those who writes down all the tasks in Google Calendar so that nothing is lost. I write down when it’s time to change lenses because I never remember how long I’ve been wearing them and here the search engine is my best friend. A little trick that I recommend is to create events with keywords and use the search engine to know exactly when they happened.

Create events from Keep or Inbox

Keep Calendar Reminders

Another way to create events is through the rest of Google applications. If we open Keep and create a note with a specific date Your corresponding event will appear in Calendar. The same happens with Inbox if we postpone an email later. This method can be more useful than simply adding notes to events created from Google Calendar.

Attach files

Attach Calendar Files

From PDFs to spreadsheets. In the various events you can attach files that we have uploaded to Google Drive. This can be very useful when we have an event to go to the cinema marked, since we can easily attach the purchased tickets.

Use external services like IFTTT to automate your calendar

Google Calendar Ifttt

It is not a proper Google Calendar trick but it will help us get more out of it. External services such as IFTTT allow us generate conditions to create events automatically.

There are so many options; when we check-in in Foursquare an event is created, save in Drive all the events of a certain month, create a warning event if it rains … etc. We recommend you go through the service app itself to find one that suits you.

Month view widget

Calendar widget

Google Calendar for Android is an application that has an excellent widget to insert on the desktop. We highly recommend the 4×4 widget with month view with which we can have at a glance every day of the month and its corresponding events. In addition, by clicking on one of those days we will see all the details of that day or it will allow us to add a new event.

On the other hand, Google Calendar supports Nougat’s shortcuts from the icon itself. If we keep pressed it will let us choose between creating a new reminder or a new event.

Add events with your voice

Ok Google Calendar

Our last trick goes to the “OK Google” function. And it is that simply with our voice we can tell Google to create an event for us, choosing the place, reason and date. A quick way to use Google Calendar for when we do not have our hands available or we just want to talk to the mobile.

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