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Google changes the gun emoji for a water gun on Android

27 mayo, 2021

In 2016, Apple decided to change the gun emoji for a slightly friendlier one: a green squirt gun. With this decision they sought to position themselves after several controversies about the use of emojis on the Internet.

For example, a 12-year-old girl was accused of threats in the United States after posting a comment on Instagram with the emojis of posilla, bomb and knife. Another teenager was arrested for posting a policeman emoji accompanied by a flame emoji and a gun emoji.


It seeks to avoid misunderstandings

A few days ago, Twitter followed in Apple’s footsteps and today we know that Google has done the same on Android. In Google’s case, the gun will be replaced by an orange squirt gun with a yellow water reservoir (as seen in the featured image).

Window And Twemoji 2 6 Emoji Changelog

The first to notice have been the people of Emojipedia, indicating that the changes had occurred in the Noto Emoji library: the emojis that Android users use by default.

Samsung Experience 9 0 Emojipedia Gun Emoji 1 1 6c

Emojis should make communication easier and not misleading.

That means the changes should be coming to Google’s operating system soon. With the launch of Samsung Experience 9.0 on the Galaxy S9, the Korean company also replaced the revolver emoji with a water pistol emoji.

It makes sense that the main companies agree on thisas one iOS user could send a squirt gun emoji and someone else receive a realistic gun. Emojis should facilitate communication and not lead to misunderstandings, something we have seen on other occasions.

Update (04/26/18 – 08:30): Obviously, Microsoft has not wanted to be left behind and has also joined the gun emoji craze. As we can see, they have opted for a green and orange design:

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