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Google Chrome already lets us create our own custom theme directly from the browser, so you can try it

27 mayo, 2021

In recent months, Chrome not only received a new dark theme, but Google also released a dozen official themes that allow us give the browser a personal touch changing its main colors.

Now with the arrival of Chrome 78 These customization options are going to grow a lot, since now we can create our own theme for Chrome directly from the same browser, a bit in the style of what Vivaldi offers, although less advanced.

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How to test the new Chrome theme creator

Now this feature is only available in Chrome 78, which is currently the Canary branch. So you need to install that version of the browser before. Once you have Chrome Canary, you need to enable a couple of features.

Chrome Flags Personalization

In the address bar write chrome: // flags and you will have to find three experiments and enable them. Their names are:

Dark Reader, a dynamic dark mode for all the websites you visit and from any browser

Once you’ve enabled them all, restart your browser. Now, in your new tab page you just have to look for the option Personalize that appears in the lower right corner:

Customize Chrome

This will take you directly to the new Google Chrome customization menu. It has three sections: Background, Shortcut Combinations, and Color and Theme:

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For the background you can choose from a wide variety of images from the gallery or you can upload one directly from your computer, and you can also mark the option to update every day so that it changes automatically.

Change Google Chrome Colors

In Color and Theme you have multiple preset color combinations that are quite beautiful, and also you have a hex color picker to choose your own colors to taste.

The stable version of Chrome 78 will not arrive until September 5, 2019, until then we can know if the new customization options will be enabled for everyone.