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Google Chrome launches its version 79, and these are some of the news it offers

25 mayo, 2021

Google today released the latest stable version of Chrome, version 79, for desktop platforms; that is, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, while it will arrive in the iOS and Android stores in the coming weeks. And it will be loaded with news.

There are external changes (as a better signaling of which profile we are using at all times and whether or not it is logged into Chrome) and internal (the browser’s Javascript engine is updated to version V8). In general, we can find great news regarding navigation and user protection.

Navigation news

Within the Google Chrome crusade in favor of HTTPS, this new version will show us a warning when Chrome detects that https: // pages have mixed content (that is, they load some elements via http: //). Another experimental feature added by Chrome 79 is an extra cache in anticipation of us using the ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ navigation buttons– In that case, the pages would be loaded from this cache, and not from scratch.

Tricks to customize Google Chrome as you want

One of the most prominent recently added features is the automatic freezing of tabs that have been in the background for a while– The user will not even realize it is happening, but having many open will result in a significant reduction in CPU and RAM consumption (and, in the case of laptops, battery consumption as well).

Unfortunately, this function does not come activity by default, but to make use of it, we must write chrome: // flags / # proactive-tab-freeze in the browser and manually activate the option.

New functionalities to protect the user

Another novelty introduced by Chrome 79 is the increase in protection. Protects, on the one hand, our passwords, because this new version will check if we still use passwords that have been leaked during a security breach in the past, and it will suggest us to change them if necessary. This function (an implementation of the Password Checkup extension) will force us to have our passwords synchronized with the Google account.

Chrome 79 also includes real-time protection against phishing: a service dubbed ‘Safe Browsing’ will verify if the page we have just entered is safe (first using a local ‘blacklist’, second by making an anonymous query to Google).

So if we try enter an unknown page with login details that match those of a legitimate service, the system will send us a phishing warning. Its developers say that this will improve the browser’s protection against new malicious pages by 30%.