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Google Clock launches the new ‘Rest’ section on any mobile with Android 6.0 or higher

25 mayo, 2021

Last June, the Google Pixel exclusively released a new tool for monitor our rest activity with the promise that it would reach more mobiles later this summer.

That date has already arrived. The application Google clock updates for any device with Android 6.0 or higher to activate the new tab ‘Rest’, offering its users a new way to create alarms.


This is the new section ‘Rest’

Google Clock Rest

The tabs Rest allows us to program a recurring alarm clock in which we have to put the time we want to wake up next to the time we want to go to bed and mute the mobile, showing the total hours that we are going to sleep, or at least be lying in bed.

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Once the alarm clock is set, the Google Clock application will start to record activity that we will do on our mobile during the hours in which we are supposed to be already lying in bed. Is rest activity It will show us each day the time and the applications that we have been while we had to be sleeping.

Google Clock Rest

The application Google clock will notify us with a notification when bedtime is approaching. It also allows us to reproduce sleeping sounds and see our upcoming events without leaving the application.



Via | XDA-Developers