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Google Contacts allows you to find contacts that we have not even saved in our address book: this is how it works

21 mayo, 2021

Google has multiple basic applications so that both its Pixel and Android One mobiles can use them as native services. However, most are open to other Android devices and uploaded to the Play Store. Contacts is one of them and just received a major update.

Through the same it is possible to find contacts that we do not even have saved in the contact list itself. How is this possible and how can we search for these hidden contacts on Android? We explain it to you.

Google Contacts allows you to find contacts that you have not saved

Contacts: Google Contacts is now able to find contacts from our accounts, even if we have not saved them.

The Google Contacts application has been updated with an important new feature: searching for unsaved contacts. In Android we can store contacts through our Gmail account, SIM card and others, but it is necessary to save them and assign them a name to be able to search for them.

Although we have not saved them, Google has a list of contacts with whom we have established a conversation at some point

Nevertheless, Google stores the addresses of the contacts with whom you have had a conversation, whether or not they are Gmail accounts. You can consult this information in ‘Others’, where you will see addresses of people with whom you have contacted, but who do not have saved anywhere.

Other Contacts Google has made it possible for us to do this by integrating the ‘Other contacts’ section in its own application.

The new Contacts update allows access to this list of contacts, showing us a section of “other contacts” through the search results.

  • Make sure you have the Contacts app up to date. This is the latest version available, corresponding to the numbering

  • Open the Google Contacts app (not to be confused with the contacts section in the Google Phone app)

  • Click on ‘Search contacts’
  • Below the main results you will see ‘Other Contacts’

The other contacts section is linked to your Gmail account, so those contacts stored by Google will appear. If you have more than one Gmail account, the results of the rest of the accounts will appear.