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Google Docs in Spanish will have self-correction and grammar suggestions

27 mayo, 2021

One of the great advances of Google in terms of help when writing is the implementation of Smart Compose, that artificial intelligence that helps us finalize phrases and words in Gmail, where it has been among users for a few years. Today, Google announced that Google Docs, or Google Documents, you will receive grammar suggestions and self-correction while we write in Spanish.

The functions have been offered in English for some time, but until now there was no news of arrival in our language. It is not a minor novelty, since Google affirms that every month, Google Docs registers 2 billion grammar suggestions in English, something that is likely to increase a lot when many of the 500 million people who speak Spanish can use it.


What the new Google Docs features do, and when they arrive

Google Docs

As the name itself says, the grammar suggestions will help the user trying to improve the understanding of the sentences, giving them coherence.

Thus, as we can see in the example that Google has given, if we write “Invoices will be directly sent”, Docs will be able to understand by machine learning that something is wrong, and will mark “Invoice” and “sent”, suggesting that the phrase read like this: “The invoices will be sent directly to the interested parties.” What Docs doesn’t do at the moment is suggest order changes, such as putting “sent directly”, although it does offer more contextually appropriate phrases.

In addition to this, at the end of the year, Google Docs will receive spelling auto-correction in, which corrects misspelled words in real time whenever the feature is activated. To train the function, Google has to ensure that its search engine is able to learn new words and phrases when they have become part of the English language. In Gmail, they are 3 billion keystrokes saved with Smart Compose, according to Google, so function can be very important in Docs.

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Those of us who write every day can change the platform where to do it only for the fact of having help of this type. Above all, considering that there is nothing as powerful as Grammarly available in Spanish. The news will reach all G Suite users first, eventually reaching all Gmail users.