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Google Docs launches its own clipboard in the cloud

27 mayo, 2021

Google Docs, Google’s office suite that works from the cloud, is an alternative to having to install large packages of programs on your computer if you only have to create a document or spreadsheet occasionally. Until now we could use the clipboard of the system itself to be able to copy or paste things, but we had the problem of losing information if we copied something else.

Google Docs has fixed this problem implementing your own clipboard. Now we can cut or copy any type of data from the documents, store them in the service’s own clipboard (stored in the same cloud) and retrieve it from any other Google Docs document.

Also, the clipboard allows multiple data to be stored at the same time, so that we can copy several times without fear of losing anything that we transfer to the clipboard. These clipboard elements will be available for a month, and are usable even if we change the browser, operating system or close and re-open session.

Via | Google Docs blog
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