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Google Docs spreadsheets now have pivot tables

27 mayo, 2021

Google Docs just made an interesting announcement: from now on they will offer support for pivot tables in spreadsheets. This is relatively surprising, since pivot tables are an advanced feature that one would not expect to find in a web app like Google Docs.

For those who do not know the dynamic tables, these consist of a tool that allows obtaining specific information from a normal table with data. For example, we add a table with data on the models of cars sold in different branches of a company, and the dynamic table allows us to quickly see which are the best-selling models, or the branches that sell the most cars.

The same could be done using functions like VLOOKUP (or CONSULTAV), TELL, or with filters, but thanks to dynamic tables it is possible to obtain this information in less time, and without having to work with advanced functions.

To use this function in Google Docs we simply have to upload a spreadsheet that contains tables with data, with correctly labeled columns and rows. Then select the data, go to the Data menu and choose the option “Pivot table report” (or “Pivot table report”). With that a panel will appear on the right in which we can specify criteria based on which we want to analyze the data, or also establish filters to consider only the data that meets certain conditions.

The interface of this panel is very similar to the one that exists in Excel pivot tables, so it should not be difficult to use for those who are used to the Microsoft program. Of course, what Google Docs offers is not as powerful as desktop Excel, but at least covers the basic functions of pivot tables very well.

Via | Google Docs Blog