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Google Earth already allows you to measure distances between different points on Earth

24 mayo, 2021

Google Earth is one of the most complete tools for lovers of interactive maps. A few hours ago they presented a new version which includes a great feature: being able to measure the distance between two points on Earth.

This novelty, for now, is exclusive to Android and Google Chrome, and Google ensures that “soon” iOS users will also be able to enjoy it.


How to measure distances with Google Earth

Once we access from the web version in Google Chrome, on the left side we will see a sidebar with several tools: search, voyager (explore places in the world), a button that takes us to random places, our saved sites, a sharing tool and the distance meter.

Clicking on the latter we will see that the cursor is transformed by a cross, and it is at that moment that we can establish the point from which we want to start measuring.

Measure Image 3 Max 1600x1600

You can mark more than one point and create the shape you want.

The really interesting thing is that you can add more than one point, drawing a route through the places you want and Google Earth It will take care of giving you the distance in real time.

Once you mark a point, you can press command or control key to move quickly across the planet and pick the next point. Another positive point is that you can also zoom in before marking it.

Window And Google Earth

It is interesting that you can measure gigantic distances (between countries or continents) or zoom in and discover what distances exist on a more local scale. For example, between Pontevedra and Mexico City I have discovered that there are 8,600 kilometers.

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