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Google helps you pronounce words through its search engine

22 mayo, 2021

Google reports that many people use their search engine to make a query about a definition of a term, how to say something in another language or find out how to pronounce a word, and on this last, the company launches an important novelty.

The seeker releases the tool Pronunciation. Now we can learn to pronounce complicated words just by asking Google “how do you pronounce…”.

Pronunciation of complicated words


It is a experimental function that will show us how a word is pronounced by playing an audio with the word together with an animation that shows us how to move the lips. We can activate slow playback to hear and see the pronunciation better.

It will also allow us practice production. We can use our microphone to read the word and see if we are pronouncing it correctly. Google will analyze our production and tell us what we are saying wrong so that we end up saying the word correctly.

This last feature is currently only available in American English, but soon it will also be available in Spanish.

How to use Google Translate in any Android application

Images in definitions and translations

Another novelty that Google has launched is to add images in the definitions and translations. Thus the images will help us to understand the meaning and to know if the word has multiple meanings in the translated language. So we know if we are translating the correct word.

Definitions Translations

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