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Google is working so that ‘Find my device’ also works with devices connected to mobile by Bluetooth

26 mayo, 2021

In October 2017 we had the first news about Fast Pair, the technology that Google put on the table to pairing devices via Bluetooth in a faster and easier way. This technology uses BLE to detect nearby devices and they sync with our Google account.

As we read in XDA Developers, investigating the code of the application ‘Find my device’, the old Android device manager, Google is working so that we can find our devices paired with Fast Air through this platform.

Finding our Bluetooth gadgets with ‘Find my device’

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Currently, through ‘Find my device’ it is used to find our Android mobile if we have lost it. This process is carried out thanks to our Google account, which has the pertinent information to know where our terminal is, thanks to the permissions that we give it users.

The ‘Find my device’ code reveals one of the secrets that allows Fast Pair to be synchronized with the Google account: finding our mobile phone through the app

What they have found in XDA Developers, is that the application ‘Find my device’ will use the Google account again to find paired devices through Fast Pair. Devices connected by this technology are synced with the user’s Google account, so technically they can be found through the app.

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As with telephones, we will be able to see when was the last connection of the device, as well as its location, to know where it is. This being the case, it makes even more sense that Google has provided Fast Pair with its account synchronization system. As in these cases of hidden functions, no date or news on when it will be implemented.

In this article we explain how you can find your Samsung device, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Via | XDA Developers