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Google Keep for Android allows you to draw in longer notes, we explain how

26 mayo, 2021

More than five years ago it reached Google Keep the drawing tool, so you can add freehand text and squiggles to your notes, and in all this time the most important update that this feature received was last summer with the grids.

The Google Notes application improves your notes again in its latest update expanding the drawing canvas. Now we can write long notes. We tell you how.

How to display a grid in your Google Keep notes for Android


Long notes with drawings


Drawing canvas is no longer fixed size, now it will grow as we draw, and it will do so vertically downward as we approach the end of the note.

When our stroke reaches the end of the note Google Keep will automatically add more canvas to draw just below, so to access it we just have to swipe up with two fingers.

Google Keep More Space Drawing Notes

With this novelty we can now create notes eight times larger than in previous versions, with which we can now capture in more detail and in a single note all our ideas with sketches and doodles.

Google Keep: notes and lists

Google Keep: notes and listsVaries by device.

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