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Google launches a free Android and Kotlin course to learn how to program applications without any previous experience

23 mayo, 2021

Google has announced a new free online course to learn how to create Android applications, it is a program specially designed for beginners with no previous experience in creating apps for the company’s mobile platform.

Its name is Android Basics in Kotlin and it teaches this programming language that in recent years has become one of the most programmers want to learn. At the moment only the first unit is available and only in English, but more are on the way.


Kotlin = Android

Free Android Kotlin Course

Google has already said that Android development is primarily focused on Kotlin and that more than 60% of professional Android developers have already adopted the language. The company says that 70% of the 1000 most popular apps on the Play Store were written in Kotlin.

It is an object-oriented programming language that works in the Java virtual machine and can be compiled into JavaScript source code. It was designed by JetBrains, who released the project’s source code in 2012, and the biggest push came in 2017 when Google basically named it the official language for Android on the same level as Java.

Android App Free Course Screenshots of the application that you are going to create in the course

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This course published by the company begins with a introduction to Kotlin, go through the creation of your first Android application, leads you to build a basic interface, and you end up adding a button to your app using classes, objects, and conditionals that result in an interactive app.

You can take the course without even needing a Google account, but you can log in with it to save your progress. The course contains explanatory videos with lessons, code labs so you can practice what you are learning and small exams at the end of each section.