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Google launches a function that warns you if your passwords are not very secure or have been leaked

25 mayo, 2021

Google has announced different improvements that affect the privacy of its applications and services, specifically, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Assistant. Along with this, he has added a new function to reinforce security It’s called ‘Password Checker’ and it’s already available in Password Manager.

In short, it is a method for us to quickly and easily check if the passwords that we have saved in our Google account they are vulnerable, have been used too many times or are compromised by a security breach.

Weak, heavily used, or compromised password

In terms of security, Google has different tools, such as ‘Security Review’, to prevent and avoid possible potential risks in our Google account. Now, he has focused on security while browsing the Internet and more specifically in the bad habits when creating passwords for our different accounts.

Eleven applications to manage and save your passwords on Android

For example, to make it easier for us to remember them, we all know that it is very common to use passwords that are too simple (read 1234) or use the same password on different sites, so that, if someone obtains your password once, they could access all your personal information in the rest of the services where you are using it.


To avoid it, or at least try to prevent it, Google has added the ‘Password Checkup’ within the Password Manager that is integrated into the Google account. This is a function that shows you if any of the passwords you are using is weak, if you have reused it on multiple sites or if Google has discovered that it has been compromised by comparing them with more than 4 billion usernames and passwords that have been exposed by third party infractions.

To access this function, just enter the Password Manager and you will see the new section ‘Password Review’; there, you just have to click on ‘Check Passwords’ and Google will automatically show you a report of the security of all passwords stored in the account. If any appear in red, it is best to change it because it means that it is compromised.

It also warns us, as we have said before, if we are reusing passwords and if they are secure enough or, on the contrary, they are too simple and easy to guess. In addition, Google has announced that the ‘Check Passwords’ function will soon be integrated into Chrome, so that we can know in real time if the password is strong without the need to install a separate extension.

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