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Google launches a new free course to learn how to program Android apps from scratch

22 mayo, 2021

After creating a basic Java-based Android programming nanograde four years ago, Google just released its revamped version, now in Kotlin. It is a totally free course for learn to program on Android with Kotlin and directly from the hand of Google.

On this occasion, the Udacity platform is not used, but it is Google itself who hosts all the content on its platform. This course does not require previous programming experience and it is updated to all the new technologies like Jetpack.

Learn Kotlin from scratch

This new Google course starts completely from scratch, from the installation of Android Studio to the creation, little by little, of simple applications. At the moment it has a single unit: Kotlin Basics for Android, divided into four parts.

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Each of these parts is divided into different activities that can be explanatory videos of the theory created by Google or Codelabs experts. The Codelabs are guided exercises not too long in which the theory is applied to a real case, generally programming at the same time in Android Studio. At the end of each unit there is a test so that you can self-evaluate if you have absorbed what you have learned.

Apps Two of the applications that will be created during the course

A novelty of this new course for beginners is that, at the end of each unit, you will be able to earn badges to show off on your developer profile from (although today this profile is only visible to yourself).

To start learning all you need is to go to the course page and start. You don’t even need to sign in with your Google account, although you will need it to save progress and earn badges. The course at the moment it is in englishAlthough if we take the previous nanograde as an example, it would be expected that Spanish subtitles would be included soon for the videos.

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