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Google Lens comes to the web version of Google Photos as a way to select text

23 mayo, 2021

There are countless ways to open Google Lens: from Google Photos, from the share menu, from the camera application, from the Assistant … All of them are concentrated on Android, but now Google Lens makes the leap to desktop, although with a timid step.

Google Lens is popping up in suggestion mode when viewing a photo on the Google Photos web. This suggestion appears with the name Copy text from image and it does just that: parse the text in the image and let you copy it to the clipboard.

Copy text from a photo with Google Photos web

Google has found one more place to put Google Lens: on the Google Photos website. Google Lens’s foray into Google’s photo service is far from it -it’s one of the first places where we were able to test Lens- but so far it was possible to do it only in the Google Photos app and not on the web.

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This Google Lens integration into Google Photos web comes in the form of a modest suggestion to copy text in those images that have text. Like the rest of the suggestions, you don’t have much control over when they appear or when they don’t, they are automatic. Clicking on this suggestion opens a panel that includes the text detected within the current image.


Just like how it works on Android, you can click on the text blocks in the photo to select a specific fragment, as well as use the side panel to copy all the detected text directly to the clipboard, with Copy text.

This integration of Google Lens on the Google Photos web is still just a small fraction of the capabilities of Google Lens, and it is somewhat strange that Google still does not allow the use of other types of recognition such as object recognition. We will see if it ends up arriving in the future, and if it does so in a way in which the user can activate it manually.

Via | 9to5Google