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Google Maps is now able to calculate distances between various points

27 mayo, 2021

Google has added a discreet but interesting novelty in its map platform: the possibility of measure distances between two or more points directly on the website. Until now it was only possible to mark these points to generate a custom route, but the distances were always measured in total.

Doing so is easy: just open the Google Maps website and press the secondary button of the mouse on a specific point. A menu will offer us the option to “measure distances”, and once we activate it we can begin to establish a route marked by points. Left click on an already predefined point will delete it, and on another location it will add one more point. As we add them we will see the distance from the previous point in a straight line and in the distance measure that we have configured.


From what I have been able to prove works in both the international and Spanish versionsAlthough if you see that you have problems, try the web And there seem to be no limits, because I have been able to measure the distance from the White House to the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona without any problems. 6491.33 kilometers, in case you are curious.

Via | 9to5Mac
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