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Google Maps lets you order an Uber from start to finish directly from the app

27 mayo, 2021

For almost a year now, Google Maps has made it easy for you order a taxi, an Uber or other similar services, directly from your application. When looking for a route between a point A and B, between options such as walking, going by car or by public transport you should see an icon to order a taxi.

The services available depend on the availability in the area and the different agreements with Google (for example, in Madrid there are Uber, mytaxi and Hailo), but until now Google Maps simply made you a link: it showed you a price and an approximate distance , and you had to complete the task in the application on duty (that of Uber, Hailo, etc.). Now Google has given the system a twist, allowing you order your transport directly from Google Maps.

Everything on Google Maps

As you can see in the video presentation above, the entire process from start to finish takes place within Google Maps. You choose the origin and destination, the service you want to use and Google orders a taxi (or an Uber) for you. Once the service has been accepted you can even see the driver information to be able to call you by phone.

Uberne The old (left) and the new (right) integration

During the trip he also shows information about your journey, so that in the future you can even ask yourself if you need to have the official Uber application installed or if with Google Maps you already have more than enough.

Of course, although Google has just announced this incredible integration of Uber and other services directly in Google Maps, its activation to different users worldwide seems to be once again by zones. Therefore, it is very likely that you continue to see the old interface outside the United States, and vice versa. In any case, the easiest way to check is to find a route and go to the taxi tab.

Maps: Navigation and transit

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