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Google Maps receives a huge update with much more detailed and colorful maps

27 mayo, 2021

The colors and the detail of the maps are among the factors that make Google Maps maps very recognizable compared to Apple or Bing maps. However, this will change with a major global service update, which it will bring much more detail to the maps in matters such as vegetation and the color of the maps.

It is something that we will particularly notice in natural enclaves such as forests, beaches, lakes and others, in the “Default” view. The “Satellite” view already had high-quality photographic information (covering 98% of the world’s population, according to Google), and this has helped to strengthen the default view, thanks to a satellite view analysis process powered by algorithms used to differentiate landscape colors, in order to distinguish the elements much better.


A before and after for Google Maps in 220 countries

Google has announced that these changes will reach the 220 countries in which the service supports, covering more than 100 million square kilometers (for 510.1 million square kilometers that the earth has), which is equivalent to 18,000 soccer fields.

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Using the color mapping technique, now places like a dense forest will be better differentiated from areas of irregular shrubbery. While the former will be shown in a dark green, the latter will appear in a lighter green to indicate that their vegetation is much less populated.

Iceland Google Maps

According to the images that Google has provided as examples, since at the moment we have not been able to see changes on the web or in iOS and Android, which should appear this week, the change is as noticeable as it sounds described.

Until now, in many maps we could see a park marked as light green, in which built elements were not distinguished, for example. In a desert you could not distinguish an arid area from one with more vegetation.n. With the changes, all this improves, something that can help a lot when we have to move in these locations.


In large cities, although at the moment few, Google Maps will also gain a lot of information density.

For those who choose to “walk or take other forms of transportation alone due to the pandemic,” Google has another service enhancement, and it’s more detailed information from big cities like London, New York and San Francisco. Hopefully more cities will benefit from this density over time.

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