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Google Messages will delete verification messages after 24 hours

26 mayo, 2021

Even if you use WhatsApp or Telegram to chat with your friends, SMS messages are still the place where, in most cases, they reach you temporary verification messages such as one-time passwords or two-step verification codes.

Over time, it is relatively common for these temporary verification messages to accumulate in the SMS list, and according to indications present within the application, Google is thinking about how to tackle the problem: automatically remove them after 24 hours.

Self-cleaning SMS messages


A fairly common way to verify that a phone number belongs to you in applications and websites is by entering a code sent to you by SMS. This code is only valid for one time and often expires after a few minutes, so its lifespan is very short. Over time, it is common for the Android SMS application to have a good number of messages with this type of one-time password.

Two-step identification: all available methods and their advantages and disadvantages

If these types of messages hide the actual chat conversations with other people, the alternative today is to select and delete them manually. Google is working in a better and more automated mode, which will detect SMS with one-time passwords and will offer to delete them after 24 hours.

We know about this novelty from the texts included within the APK of the Google Messages 6.7 version, where it is relatively clear how it would work: it would be an optional function And, if activated, the application will automatically detect and categorize messages with one-time passwords, offering to automatically delete them when 24 hours have passed since it arrived.

At the moment the function has not been activated for users yet, although considering that the tracks are found and within the APK, it would be possible for Google to activate it remotely at any time.

Via | XDA