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Google News and Weather disappears forever in favor of Google News

26 mayo, 2021

The oldest of the place will remember Google News and Weather, as it came pre-installed on all Android phones a few years ago. The app was not going through its peak of popularity today, and now get the final blow by Google: even if you have managed to survive with the app until today, it will stop working.

Instead of showing you the news, Google News & Weather now shows a warning that the new Google News app will replace Noticias y Tiempo. Apart from that, the app continues to work where it did until now (not in Spain, due to the Google rate), but it will probably stop working permanently soon.

A Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Newss The Spanish edition (left) and the American edition (right)

The truth is that the old Google News and Weather was removed from Google Play in May, so the only way to continue using it today is if your mobile had it pre-installed, if you downloaded it while it was still available or if you installed it from its APK.

The last update Google News and Weather dates from the same month of May and had previously received important updates such as the Lite version with less data use. However, following the reorganization of Google News that ended with the demise of Kiosco, replaced by the new Google News application.

In Spain, Google Noticias y Tiempo had not worked since 2014At least the Spanish edition, but many other editions were still active and many users are now regretting that they will miss the simple but effective weather widget.

Widget The News and Weather widget

The change from Noticias y Tiempo to Noticias makes all the sense in the world and what surprises us is that it has lasted so long. In Spain we already said goodbye four years ago, but in the rest of the globe more than one will miss this app that accompanied us in the first versions of Android.

Via | Android Police
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