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Google now allows us to save our preferences in searches with our profile

26 mayo, 2021

Being able to take all our preferences with us when we work with the web is one of the aspects in which Google works the most. He did it with Chrome to be able to synchronize aspects such as the extensions that we have installed, and now Google now allows us to save our preferences in searches with our profile. In this way, the computer or browser that we use to carry out the searches does not matter, by identifying ourselves we will have the same options as in our usual equipment.

To do so, we only need to perform a search and go to the gear wheel symbol that appears in the upper right margin to access the configuration options. We choose the search configuration and here we can define some basic questions, such as the use of SafeSearch when displaying results or if we want to block it or not.


We can also define the language options or if we want to have Google Instant activated by default or not. If we choose the second case, we can also configure the number of results that we want to show per page. By default it is 10, which is the fastest option, but we can change it to show us more.

We can also define if we want activate or not our search history on the web or define the sites that we want to have blocked on the web so that it does not show them and the reason why we do it. The advantage of this option is its independence from the browser and computer used, which allow us to carry our preferences wherever we identify ourselves.

We also have the option of define all these issues without needing to be identified. The disadvantage is that it is only stored for the browser and the computer on which we have done it, thereby losing part of its attractiveness, although it can help us to block or moderate some content very easily.

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