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Google Photos disables the backup of photos and videos from WhatsApp and other messaging applications

26 mayo, 2021

What was leaked a week ago today has come true. To curb the high data consumption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the renewed Google Photos has begun to disable backup and sync of messaging app folders.

If you had the backup of Google Photos for folders WhatsApp, Telegram, Messages or Kik, among other messaging applications, this synchronization with the cloud will be deactivated as of today. Backup of messages, photos and videos via Google Drive will not be affected. It is only for Google Photos backup.

Google Photos changes the backup of your folders

Backup copy

The reason for this change is save internet resources now that because of COVID-19, people share more photos and videos. Google Photos send us a notification to inform us that the backup of the folders of the messaging applications has been disabled.

Google informs us that at any time we can change this setting, that we can reactivate the backup of the messaging applications if we want to continue having a copy in the cloud. In order to restore a folder backup we will have to follow these steps:

  1. Opens Google Photos.
  2. At the bottom touch library and then under “Photos on device” ** tap See everything.
  3. Open the folder you want to back up.
  4. Activate the option Create backup and sync.

We can also configure the backup of Google Photos from Photos Settings> Backup and sync> Backed up device folders. There we have to activate the folders that we want to have backup of all your photos and videos.

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Google Photos

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