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Google Play announces the best games and apps of 2020

26 mayo, 2021

There is a month left to finish this year and as is tradition, the team of Google play announces the best Android apps and games of 2020, including the most powerful launches and applications that have taken off this year.

In total they are 43 apps and games that Google Play has selected through different categories, highlighting an application and game as the best of the year.

The best Android games of 2020

The best game of 2020

Genshin Impact has been proclaimed as the best game of 2020, and it is not for less. This massive open-world adventure captivated millions of players within days thanks to its gameplay and design reminiscent of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The best games of 2020 for Android: from essentials to hidden gems

But Genshin Impact it was not the only game to stand out this year. The Google Play team has made a selection to download the best competitive games, the best indie games, the best casual games, and the best innovative games.

Best competitive games of 2020

Best indie games of 2020

Best casual games of 2020

Best innovative games of 2020

The best Android apps of 2020

The best app of 2020


The Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relax application is proclaimed as the best application of 2020. Every night the application will show us a new landscape with a guided session that combines relaxation, storytelling and sounds that will help us relax before going to sleep.

The best Android apps of 2020 ... so far

As with games, for apps, Google Play has also made several picks with the best apps of 2020 for everyday life, the best apps for personal growth, the best hidden gems, the best apps for fun, and the best apps for fun. best applications to do good.

The best for day to day

Best for personal growth

The best hidden gems

The best for fun

The best applications to do good

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