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Google Play Games allows you to discover free games, without ads and without purchases: these are its filters

22 mayo, 2021

The application Google Play Games is the best place to discover new titles to play on your Android device, especially now thanks to the new filters that Google has started activating everyone after several months of testing.

The seeker Google Play Games now becomes the best way to discover the games that are free, no ads and / or no purchases, among other features.


How to filter on Google Play Games

Play Games Filters

The Google Play Games filters are found in the section All the games that we find at the bottom of the tab Start or in your seeker. After conducting a search we can filter the results.

How to remove game progress, achievements and scores from Google Play Games

The filters that we find in Google Play Games are as follows:

  • Popular | New
  • Snapshots | Premium | Free download
  • Announcements | No ads
  • In-app purchases | No in-app purchases
  • Selection of our experts | 4 ★, 4.2 ★, 4.5 ★, 4.7 ★
  • Horizontal | Vertical
  • Play Games (Achievements | Bookmarks | Cloud Save)
  • Action | Arcade | Adventures | Careers | Letters | Casual | Sports | Educational | Strategy | Board games | Music | Words and Answers | Puzzles | RPG | Simulators
  • Accessible for the blind
Play Games Filters

Best of all, we can combine your filters. So we can find popular free adventure games, without ads, that are played horizontally and whose score is equal to or greater than 4.7 stars.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games

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