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Google Play Newsstand lands on the web, and it comes with a machine learning system

27 mayo, 2021

At the end of November 2013, Google launched a new news reader called Google Play Kiosk, an application that unified Google Currents subscriptions and Google Play Magazines in one place, but also incorporated new features. A service that has just been redesigned on iOS and Android and that it is already on its version 4.0.

However, the renovation is not the only novelty, but the service has just launched a web version that allows its users to access stories and news directly from the browser; an option that gives them the possibility of enjoying the service from their computer screen.

The revamping and the web version

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The movement, in any case a priori, has caught our attention. The reason? That it has been almost two years since those of Mountain View decided to close their Google News service in our country, a reaction that responded to the implementation of the controversial AEDE canon. However, the new Google Play Newsstand web application not only offers the headlines of the news in most cases, but also excerpts from the beginning of the news.

In any case, it shares the new design of the tool in its mobile versions and allows users to obtain a personalized summary of the most outstanding news based on your interests and information sources. In fact, it also has a recommendations section.

In addition, the way of displaying the contents is much more visual, and it has multimedia elements. The application has also integrated a machine learning system that will allow you to find and recommend stories to us based on our interests.

In the web version, we find the temperature in the upper part, while, if we go down, we find the summary of highlighted news, the content highlighted according to our interests, a section of local news and recommended topics adapted to our activity on Google. The themes appear in a kind of buttons on which we can scroll.

Via | Engadget