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Google Play Store begins to retrieve notifications from updated apps: this is how they are activated

25 mayo, 2021

At the beginning of last January Google play It stopped showing notifications for updated apps. In all this time, the store was only limited to letting us know if there were new updates but not if the applications that had been updated.

Now almost a year later these notifications are back. The latest version of the Play Store (23.2.11) allows retrieve completed update notifications.


The new notification settings

Play Store Notifications

Google Play has renewed its notification settings, adding two new options. If we access Settings> General> Notifications we see the new switches ‘Account’ Y ‘Updates completed’ to give us more control over the type of notifications we want to receive.

How to reinstall apps that disappeared from Google Play Store

The new option ‘Account’ is enabled by default, and allows turn off notifications about upcoming charges subscriptions or payment method problems.

Play Store Notifications

The option ‘Updates completed’ It is the feature that Google suddenly removed at the beginning of this year and that until now it had not given us the option to recover. This notification will allow us to receive a notification when the applications finish updating.

In this way, if you have the automatic updates updated, you will be able to see in a notification a notice with all the applications that have been updated on that day. It is deactivated by default, so we will have to activate it manually from the notification settings of the Play Store if we want to receive them.