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Google Play Store will renew the section “My applications” and will allow to send applications with ‘Nearby Share’

25 mayo, 2021

The Play Store It has not received important changes for more than a year. After its redesign in August last year and the dark theme last October we have not seen any changes, but this seems to be changing soon.

The latest version of Google Play Store it hides its next news in its code, and the guys at 9to5Google have decompiled that version to show us a preview of what is to come to the official Android store.


The next news from Google Play

My Apps

The Google Play team seems to be completely revamping the My apps and games section, which seems to be called “Manage apps and device.” There we will now find two tabs: General description Y Manage.

How to get notified when an app is on sale on Google Play

In the section of General description we would see the updates available, the use of storage and access to our reviews. In the updates section, it will only notify us of the number of applications that have a pending update together. To see the complete list of updates, click on “see details”.

In the section Manage We will have different filters to see the applications installed, without installing, the available updates or the games. In addition to being able to sort the applications by name, last update, last use or size as before.

My Apps

By selecting one or more applications, its action menu allows us to update, uninstall, add a review or to share the application. Google Play will be integrated with the new Nearby Share to allow us send the APK of the application to a close contact.

My Apps

Via | 9to5Google