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Google prepares goodbye to Hangouts as a brand by renaming its video calling service as Google Meet

21 mayo, 2021

Google has been in the instant messaging market for many years, but none of its different bets, almost all following a previous one, have become as popular as its current Hangouts. Interestingly, it seems that now is when the Mountain View team prepares to shelve the brand, not to the service, definitively deleting the name of its configuration, and surely of the service.

For some time now, Google has had the name Hangouts Meet even though many, most of us, continue to use Hangouts as the main name. But since 9to5Google they have discovered that Google is modifying the documentation of the videoconferencing service and deleting Hangouts from it. A process of change that has begun and that would end with the disappearance of the Hangouts brand.

Goodbye Hangouts, but only in name and brand


As we say, it has been 9to5Google who has noticed that Google is making changes to the documentation related to its video calling service. Where before it put Google Hangouts Meet, now it is only Google Meet. A complete process that we do not know how long it will take but that should end with Hangouts completely erased from existence. A renowned Google service and one more brand sent to oblivion.

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Until now, Google had divided its Hangouts brand into two other brands without much sense. Google Hangouts Chat coexisted with Google Hangouts Meet, and it could even be launched under the original name directly from the web page of its mail service, Gmail. Now it seems that everything is going to change and Google already speaks of its video service only as Google Meet.

If this change is completed, Google would have the same video calling services as today, but with the names changed. Thus, we would have Google Duo as an exclusively mobile service, and with Google Meet to operate between both worlds, although currently its mobile app is still called Hangouts. We assume that the latter will also change shortly.

Thus, it is only a matter of time before the changeover process is complete and Google will have Google Meet as a video conferencing service. No, Hangouts does not close as such But the brand is preparing to disappear into oblivion, joining a long list of Google brands and services that have also ended up closing. Interestingly, Hangouts had become a very recognizable brand.

Via | 9to5Google