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Google Scholar now available in Spanish

25 mayo, 2021

Google has already launched in beta version, as expected, the Spanish version of its Google Scholar, the search engine focused on the academic world.

And this is precisely how they have baptized it in the Spanish edition: Academic google, with his accent tilde and everything.


As some of you may know from the English version that has been on the air for more than a year (also in beta), with this service Google makes it easy for us to search for research papers such as theses, books, publications, specialized reports and other documentation. Without a doubt, a great opportunity for these academic texts to leave the libraries of the faculties.

I have tried it a bit and I have been able to easily find out the syllabus of various subjects that I did at the University and references to a book on Acoustics that I studied and that a professor of mine wrote.

Via | Barrapunto. Official Site | Academic google.