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Google Settings, a new shortcut on your Android to configure Google products

22 mayo, 2021

A few hours ago Google began silently updating Google Play Services to version 3.0 to add allow third-party applications to allow you to log in with Google accounts and add more integration with Google+, but this update also adds to the Android application launcher the new icon of Google settings.

Being an automatic and silent update of the system, it has scared many users since they have found without any warning that new icon of Google settings on their Android devices and they have thought that it could be some kind of malware, but nothing to see, it is an official Google application that has appeared in the latest update of Google Play Services.


Google Settings for Android

On Google settings Users will be able to quickly access Google+ settings, Google+ login apps, Google Maps, and Latitude, allow Google apps to access your location, and be able to receive personalized ads from Google AdMob. With this new shortcut we avoid having to go to Settings> Accounts> Google.

Google Play Services It is an application that, although it can be uninstalled on most devices, will be reinstalled automatically since it is necessary for the proper functioning of many applications that we install from Google Play. This Google service enables applications to better integrate with Google products, such as displaying Google maps, playing YouTube videos, performing faster offline searches, or logging in with Google+.

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