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Google Smart Lock, all the information of the automatic Android unlock

25 mayo, 2021

Google Smart Lock It is one of the most practical novelties that we find from Android 5.0 Lollipop. It’s about a automatic unlock that allows us to unlock our device in an easier way but respecting our security to a great extent.

Automatic unlocking Smart lock It intelligently avoids that we always have to be manually unlocking the screen of our device by entering our pattern, PIN or password. We can say configure our device so that in certain situations it is unlocked automatically.

How to set up Smart Lock

Set up Smart lock It is very simple, although first we have to do a previous and mandatory step to be able to use it, which is obviously set up a screen lock. Since Settings> Security> Screen lock we will activate the type of lock that we like the most.

Screen Lock

If the option to Smart lock in section Screen security we will have to go down to the Advanced section, enter Trusted agents and check that Smart Lock is activated.

Smart lock

Once a type of screen lock is activated we can use Smart lock Google to configure the way or ways in which we want our device to be automatically unlocked, which are the following:

  • When a device is connected to a trusted Bluetooth or NFC tag
  • When the device is in a trusted location
  • When the device recognizes your face
  • When you take the device with you
  • After making a query with “Ok Google”
Smart lock

Smart lock It will only ask us to manually unlock our device after restarting it or if we don’t use it During 4 hours. On all other occasions, it will be automatically unlocked if it detects some of the trusted situations detected.

Trusted devices

Trusted Devices

With trusted devices We can say that our Android mobile or tablet is automatically unlocked when it is connected to a device Bluetooth, such as a smart watch or bracelet or car hands-free, or when it detects a NFC tag. In its configuration we can add all the Bluetooth and NFC devices that we want.

Its first drawback is that some Bluetooth connections may have a range up to 100 meters, so that if someone takes our device, they can use it while they are near the trusted device. The second drawback is that someone can imitate our Bluetooth connection to keep your phone unlocked even if the trusted device is not nearby, since sometimes they are not able to detect if the connection is secure. If they detect that the connection is not secure, it will be necessary to unlock it manually.

Trusted sites

Trusted sites

Trusted sites It avoids that we have to be unlocking the mobile when we are in certain locations such as at home. This function requires having an Internet connection and allowing our device to know our current location.

Smart lock it will automatically unlock when it detects that we are on a trusted site. The trusted location is approximate and uses a radius up to 80 meters not to ask for manual unlocking. We can add all the sites we want. Its main problem is that anyone who is in a trusted location will be able to unlock our mobile.

Confident face

Confident Face

With confident face We can say that our Android device will automatically unlock when it detects our face. Of course, it only works well if there are good light conditions. Once a first facial recognition has been carried out, we can improve it by adding new recognitions in which there is for example other lighting, we are with another hairstyle, without shaving or wearing glasses, hats, etc … Its drawback is that someone with a photo of us could unlock the device.

Confident Face

Owner usage detection

Detection Use

Owner usage detection It allows us to have the device unlocked when we carry it with us. Thanks to the accelerometer, it will detect that we carry it in our hand, in our pocket or in our bag. Its problem is that it will not detect if at that moment someone removes it from us.

Voice Unlock (English Only)

Voice Unlock

The Google application allows us to activate the voice unlock, which is so that when we say “Ok Google” from the lock screen it is unlocked after making the query, as long as it detects when the sound matches our voice. A person with a similar voice could unlock our mobile.

Force lock

Device Locked

Once all these options have been configured, our Android will automatically unlock in these situations, but not always if we want to. We can force the lock by pressing the padlock icon. This way the device will be locked until it is manually unlocked. This allows us to have our Android temporarily protected when we are in a trusted site or connected to a trusted device.

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