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google translate – Genbeta

24 mayo, 2021

Google translate news in Genbeta

One of the most educational Google products is your Google Translate translator, something limited initially but that has improved over time. Today this service has received a major facelift, and the most suggestive improvement is its instant translation that is showing as we write.

Another novelty that comes from the dictionary is the possibility of listening to how a phrase is said in English. In general, they have mixed the previous translation services on a single page, since we can search for a word in dictionary mode (as before) or translate a web address or a document directly.

Finally, speaking of exotic languages, we can now see the pronunciation (in English) of the translations in languages ​​with non-Roman alphabets, for example in Chinese or Japanese. In addition, we can enter words written in some of these languages ​​although we cannot do it from our keyboard.

Via | Official Google Blog Link | Google translate