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Google Translate improves instant camera translation: here’s what’s new

22 mayo, 2021

The Google translator It is one of the essential tools for our vacations, for when we travel to a country where we do not control or dominate their language. We can not only translate words, but we can also translate conversations or our environment with its camera function.

And this last one is what Google has just improved. The Translator updates the instant camera translation with major improvements:

Translate from 88 languages ​​to over 100 languages

Until now, the instant camera translation – which translates texts in real time – was only available for translations between English and other languages. There was no way to translate between Spanish and German, to name one example. Up to now.

Google Translate’s instant camera translation is now available in 88 languages, from which you can translate in real time into more than 100 languages.

Automatic language identification

You will no longer have to automatically select the language, now as in Google Lens translation, Google Translate will automatically recognize in which language the texts focused by the camera are written. This is perfect for when we don’t know what language it is written in.

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Neural machine translation

The neural machine translation technology (NMT) comes for the first time to instant translations with the camera. This means that we will now find more accurate and natural translations. What’s more. we will be able to download the languages ​​to be able to use this function offline. Of course, the application uses the Internet to further improve translations.

New interface

Finally, all these improvements to the camera translator come with a new interface. A new design shows us at the bottom the three camera functions: “Snapshot” to translate in real time, “Scan” to translate taking a photo and “Import” to translate from an image in the gallery. In addition, in this new version they have reduced annoying flickers so that the text is easier to read.

Google translator

Google translator

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