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Google Translate includes live translation of images and voice

27 mayo, 2021

Although at first it was a very crude product, the truth is that the Google translator it has been improving remarkably over time. Not only with word comprehension and grammar, but also with new ways of translating, such as image translation.

Now, following the acquisition a few months ago of the Worldlens company, it was to be expected that the real-time translation function of images would arrive sooner or later. Although at the moment it is not available to the general public, it should not be long since parts that indicate this functionality have been found in future versions of the application.

There will be some limitations, because at the moment, with the versions that exist now, it can only be translated to or from the language of the application. In our case, we could only translate from English to Spanish and vice versa, but we could not go from English to French, for example.

Another function that promises to give a lot of functionality is to automatically transcribe conversations from one interlocutor to another, something that would speed up the way of translating now. At the moment there is no confirmed date for it, but it should be available for the next few weeks.

Via | Android Police
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