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Google Translate is so smart it even knows Latin

26 mayo, 2021

The last post on the official Google blog is written in Latin, entirely. The reason is the launch of the translations from and to Latin in Google Translate. Anyone who has faced Latin in class will know that it is a complex task, and with limited use, as they well affirm in the same announcement:

Hoc instrumentum convertendi Latinam rare usurum ut convertat electronic nuntios vel epigrammata effigierum YouTubis intellegamus

… or what is the same: it will rarely serve to translate emails or YouTube subtitles. In fact, it is the only language they translate into that no one speaks natively. But it is very useful for translate classical Latin texts, many of which are freely available online.

The interesting thing is that in order for the translations to be as accurate as possible, they have bothered to train the system using existing translations of classical texts. In this way, if we try to translate passages from some of these works, such as ‘The Gallic Wars’, the translation will be quite good.


From what I have been able to verify, although we can translate from Latin to any language that Translate offers, they have had to train the system with translations into English. There is a notable difference between the translation of the post itself in Latin to English and into Castilian, which loses a lot. In this case, “Latine” has been translated by “America” ​​instead of “Latin”, so serious is the subject that has not even translated the name of the language itself well.

In any case, an unusual tool and that although it will have limited use, it is sure that more than one will find it great.

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