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Google Translate now automatically translates images in 20 new languages, Catalan included

22 mayo, 2021

As soon as the application started 2015 Google translator was integrated with Word Lens to offer us the instant translation of image texts pointed with our camera. This functionality was released in seven languages ​​but today, just in time for the August holidays, they have been expanded to 27 languages.

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian are added 20 new languages with which we can now translate with our Android camera thanks to the new version of Google translate. New languages ​​include Catalan and most languages ​​of the European continent. The full list of supported languages ​​for automatic image translation is as follows:

You can translate to and from English for the following languages:

  • English ↔ Spanish
  • English ↔ French
  • English ↔ German
  • English ↔ Italian
  • English ↔ Portuguese
  • English ↔ Russian
  • English ↔ Catalan
  • English ↔ Turkish
  • English ↔ Filipino
  • English ↔ Croatian
  • English ↔ Finnish
  • English ↔ Indonesian
  • English ↔ Polish
  • English ↔ Ukrainian
  • English ↔ Romanian
  • English ↔ Dutch
  • English ↔ Swedish
  • English ↔ Hungarian
  • English ↔ Czech
  • English ↔ Bulgarian
  • English ↔ Danish
  • English ↔ Slovak
  • English ↔ Lithuanian
  • English ↔ Norwegian

You can translate from English to the following languages:

  • English → Hindi
  • English → Thai

As we see, all camera translations have to go through EnglishAt the moment there is no way to automatically translate texts from Spanish to any of those languages.

To celebrate the 27 languages ​​supported by the camera from the translator, Google has created this nice Google Translate spot in which through posters they translate the famous traditional Mexican song La Bamba.

This new update of Google translator which will arrive from today through Google Play also improves the voice conversation mode (which allows real-time translation of conversations across 32 languages), so that it works faster when the data connection is slow or of poor quality.

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