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Google Translate on Android is now capable of transcribing our voice and automatically translating it into another language

21 mayo, 2021

The fight that Google Translate maintains to be the king of the sector with other applications such as DeepL or Microsoft’s Translator is one of the most important for millions of users when they travel or need to communicate with people who do not speak our language. And, in that sense, the most important thing, practically, is no longer the quality of the translation itself, since context is everything.

And in a context like a conference, where we need to understand and process a lot of information, and where the translation needs to be lightning fast, Google has introduced a feature for its translator that transcribes everything you hear, and automatically translates it into your chosen language. The function, called ‘Transcribe’, will arrive in the coming days to Android, with support for English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Google pulls out its chest by integrating all its AI and translation functions

Everything that Google has shown in this ad already existed separately, because Google already had the application ‘Instant transcription’, capable of processing all the words that came to it in audio. This is also similar to the Google Pixel’s ability to transcribe everything that sounds on the device. However, these modes and app only transcribe the language that is set, without being able to change so comfortably. And of course, there was no translation.

DeepL vs Google Translate: who wins the battle of online translators?

With this new function of ‘Instant transcription ‘we choose the source language and the language to which we want to translate, and the tool takes care of doing everything automatically. Although we have not yet been able to use this new function, as it is not available in APK downloads or in our updates section of the Play Store, from what Google shows it seems that we can also see the original text without translating, by clicking on the icon settings that the interface shows to the left of the blue transcription button.


the interface arrives in dark mode, which will favor energy savings in situations of very long translations, thanks to the efficiency of OLED screens with black tones. In addition, it will promote a more comfortable reading. The interesting thing in the future will be be able to integrate this into the Google keyboard, to be able to use it in any text application.

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