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Google Translate tests automatic language detection in camera mode

26 mayo, 2021

Google Translate (also known as Google Translate) is one of the most popular applications of the Great G and that is why, from Mountain View, new features and improvements do not stop arriving. Last year, for example, it received a complete facelift that brought voice dictation as a gift.

Now, it seems that the instant translation of texts of an image that we point with our camera will soon receive a new function: the automatic language detection. In fact, it’s something we got to see on Google Lens during Google I / O 2019 that took place last week.

Faster translation regardless of language

Google translate

As reported by 9to5Google, the Google Translate 5.29 apk promises an improved interface and new features that increase the quality of the translation while using the camera. Among them, the instant translation mode will receive an update that includes a new functionality to detect the language automatically.

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This will not only help you get faster translations, but it will also allow us to target any text without really knowing the language in which it is written and get an instant translation. As can be seen in the images, the new interface shows a new bar at the bottom with the three available modes (Instant, Scan, Import).

Scan mode adds a new Clear button to deselect the highlighted word set

The instant mode also has a more descriptive button (“Pause translation”) and the translated text appears over the original text with a format that tries to resemble the initial style. As for the scan mode, it is quite similar to the previous versions, but adds a new Delete button to deselect the highlighted set of words. The import mode, meanwhile, allows you to select and scan stored images from the gallery for translation.

Therefore, although the functionality of the Google Translate app is still quite similar to previous versions, the new interface makes it much easier to use. In principle, both the new interface and the automatic language detection should be available in version 5.29 from Google Translate. However, as indicated by XDA, it has already been detected in the latest beta version of Android Q.

Via | XDA