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Google Video is now a video search engine on the web

27 mayo, 2021

Google gives one more twist to Google Video, turning it into a search engine for existing videos all over the web, with what from now on We can find videos of any kind regardless of the page where they are hostedIn other words, now their video databases include all the videos they find on the internet.

By doing a test, we can see how effectively now new results appear from other new pages that were not before, in addition to the usual services. Within each thumbnail we can see the logo of the website to which it belongs, unless the result is a link to a video file directly, in addition to allowing us to access the original content but with the Google Video framework, which we can fold and delete, but from where we can also rate the content, watch related videos, share it by email or report a problem with said result.

If the videos were hosted on YouTube and Google Video, we see how we can see them directly from their results without accessing the original content.


Therefore, we see with Google Video it is staying as a search engine specialized in online audiovisual content, with some social functions, while leaving YouTube as a video storage system.

Via | GOS Link | Google Video