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Google wants you to let them record your voice when you talk to their smart speakers or the Assistant on Google Home

27 mayo, 2021

Google you are asking to actively confirm consent before you start recording or continue recording. If you have a company smart speaker like the Google Home or Google Home Mini, you use the Google assistant, or voice search, you should have an email in your inbox explaining how they have updated your voice and audio settings.

Google just updated the voice and audio recordings option on our accounts to include more detailed information about how they use audio recordings. This means that now before save audio recordings to our account to help improve your speech recognition technologies They will give us more control and will keep the option disabled until we review the setting and activate it ourselves.


Ok Google, do you remember when I asked you …?

Google Assistant Audio Saved

Something that many people do not know is that absolutely all the activity that we carry out from our Google account is stored in our Activity panel. There you can find yourself from your Location history, your activity on the web, applications you have used on Android, searches, and recordings / transcripts of the things you have said to the Google Assistant.

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If you decide that you are going to allow audio recording, then in that panel you will find all the future recordings of when you interact with Google Search, Assistant and Maps. Please note that previously saved audio data is not affected. This update has no effect on the audio data that you already have saved in your Google account.

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All the audio that Google has saved about you before is not affected by this update, but what they record from now on, yes

It is important to note that this new setting does not affect the audio saved on your device or by other Google services. Audio stored by other Google services, such as Google Voice and YouTube, is managed by those services.

Until now, if you go to your activity panel you can find the history of things you have said to the Google assistant in audio and text format, but until you activate this new option, you will not see future audio stored in your activity history.

Remember that for a year it has been possible to ask Google to automatically delete some of the data that it is storing from us, or you can enter and do it yourself manually. The Google activity page is always a fascinating site that allows you to take a look at the gigantic amount of information that this company stores about us.

Upgrade: from Google have contacted us to confirm that: “When creating a Google account, the Voice Recordings control is disabled by default for all users, it has always been the case and has not been modified. The user has the option to have your voice recordings stored in your account, and you do not need to accept this consent to use the Google Assistant. From now on, we will disable this setting for all users who have previously accepted it, so that they have the opportunity to review the updated settings and confirm your choice. The new settings make it clear that when enabled, we will save the audio of interactions with the Google Assistant, the search engine and Maps, which can be revised to improve the capabilities of our products to understand language. ”