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Google will add a new privacy setting to control what data from our Gmail, Meet and Chat will use

27 mayo, 2021

Google has announced the launch of a new series of settings for your smart functions in Gmail. It is a privacy panel that will allow users to control to a certain level what data they use to offer those functions.

Basically, we can choose if we want to deactivate the use of our data from Gmail, Google Meet and the next Google Chat so that Gmail offers us intelligent functions, such as, the inbox organized in tabs by categories, the intelligent answers when composing emails and the autocomplete of text.


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Smart Gmail Features

Google explains that the options to disable these smart features individually are not new, but now with this new panel they will offer a “clearer choice about the data that the company is processing to make them work”.

Disabling the smart functions then prevents Google from using the data that is, for example, within our emails, to automatically add events to Google Calendar, display email summaries with travel information or shipment tracking, or divide our inbox into “Main, Social, Notifications, Promotions and Forums”.

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The new panel has two sections, one in which we decide if we want disable smart features in Gmail, Chat, and Meet preventing the use of our data by these three apps.

And, another section where we can disable personalization of other Google products using our Gmail, Chat and Meet data, such as Google Assistant automatically reminding us that we have to pay a bill, or Google Maps showing us reservations.

Google also ensures that its ads are never based on our personal Gmail data no matter what options we choose. This new panel will be reaching all users in the coming weeks.

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